Research Promotion Board

Chair:Akio Hirose (Osaka University)

Welding Mechanics and Design Committee

ChairMasahito Mochizuki (Osaka University)
Vice-ChairSatoshi Igi (JFE Steel), Mitsuyoshi Nakatani (Hitachi Zosen)

Provide predictive methodologies for welding residual stresses, distortion, and structural integrity of weld components.

Main Activities
  • Interactive welding design
  • Virtual production system through manufacturing processes
  • Fitness-for-service assessment procedure for weld structures

Fatigue Strength Committee

ChairNaoki Osawa (Osaka University)
Vice-ChairKanta Nihei (Kawasaki Technology)

Develop innovative technologies for the avoidance of fatigue failures in weld structures.

Main Activities
  • Fatigue analyses based on nominal stress and local stress approaches
  • Fatigue design rules
  • Fatigue crack initiation and propagation analysis under variable amplitude loadings
  • Fatigue life extension of weld structures

Welding Metallurgy Committee

ChairKazuyoshi Saida (Osaka University)
Vice-ChairHiroshige Inoue (Osaka University), Kenji Oi (JFE Steel)

Establish welding technologies leading to defect-free and high-performance joints. Innovate on joining technologies for hardly-weldable materials.

Main Activities
  • Control of weld microstructure and defects
  • Novel welding/joining technologies for advanced materials
  • Modeling & visualization of material behavior during welding

Welding Process Committee

ChairSatoru Asai (Osaka University)
Vice-ChairManabu Tanaka (Osaka University), Hiroyuki Shimizu (Kobe Steel)

Promote research & development of new arc welding processes on the basis of fundamental arc physics.

Main Activities
  • High efficiency welding
  • Automatic welding with sensing & monitoring system
  • Modeling and simulation of arc processes

High Energy Beam Processing Committee

ChairYousuke Kawahito (Osaka University)
Vice-ChairTakayuki Murata (Kawasaki Heavy Industries), Motomichi Yamamoto (Hiroshima University)

Process equipment development and material processing with high-energy beams; electron beam, laser beam and ion beam.

Main Activities
  • Equipment for high-energy beam processing
  • Material processing with electron beam, laser beam and ion beam
  • Characteristics of high-energy processed product

Joining & Materials Processing for Light Structures Committee

ChairHisashi Serizawa (Osaka University)
Vice-ChairHidetoshi Fujii (Osaka University), Rinsei Ikeda (JFE Steel)

Develop joining and manufacturing technologies for light weight structures including automotive, railway vehicle, airplane, electrical machinery

Main Activities
  • Optimization of production system for light weight structures
  • Design and analysis of joints and components
  • Quality assurance system for light structures

Micro Joining Committee

ChairAkio Hirose (Osaka University)
Vice-ChairShogo Tomida (Toyama Industrial Technology Center), Tomokazu Sano (Osaka University)

Promote research activities of "nano to meso scale" joining and processing based on scientific insights.

Main Activities
  • Issues caused by scale-down of manufacturing technologies
  • New micro/nano devices; precision devices, automobile parts, medical devices, and electronic devices
  • New micro/nano welding/joining technologies

Interface Joining Committee

ChairY. Miyazawa (Tokai University)
Vice-ChairT. Yamazaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology), M. Fukumoto (Toyohashi University of Technology)

Stimulate three main themes; "Diffusion bonding," "Brazing & soldering," and "Surface technology".

Main Activities
  • Interfacial joining by diffusion bonding, pressure welding, friction welding, ultrasonic bonding and brazing & soldering, where materials are not melted as much as possible.
  • Surface technologies such as surface modification, spraying, coating, plating and thin film formation

Ad-hoc Research Meeting:Prediction of Welding Distortion and Its Application to Actual Structures

ChairEiichi Murakawa (Osaka University)

Realize high quality assembly of weld structures with high productivity through physical/computational integration of welding/assembling technologies.

Main Activities
  • Methodologies for accurate prediction of welding distortion
  • Fast calculation technology with high accuracy

Ad-hoc Research Meeting:Advanced Analysis of Welding Phenomena

ChairHidenori Terasaki (Kumamoto University)
Vice-ChairYoshihisa Sechi (Kagoshima prefectural institute of industrial technology)

Serve as the "relay point" between members of Japan Welding Society for advanced analysis of welding phenomena

Main Activities
  • Analysis with synchrotron radiation and neutron
  • Seminar on advanced analysis method

Strategic Research Meeting:Dissimilar Materials Additive Manufacturing

ChairSoshu Kirihara (Osaka University)

Obtain knowledge of joining and welding phenomena in three-dimensional processing marked as additive manufacturing.

Main Activities
  • Additive manufacturing process of metals and ceramics with functional structures
  • Three-dimensional models designed by theoretical concepts for novel processing

Study Group:Interfacial Phenomena in Ultrasonic Welding of Aluminum Alloy

ChairHiromichi T. Fujii (Tohoku University)

Understand fundamental phenomena during ultrasonic welding of aluminum alloy.

Main Activities
  • Mechanism of ultrasonic welding with focus on recrystallization near weld interface, shear deformation of surface asperities, friction with ultrasonic vibration and atomic diffusion in high dislocation density
  • Analysis of interfacial phenomena