Welding Metallurgy Symposium

organized by Welding Metallurgy Committee
Progress and Innovation of Welding Metallurgy Research
Critical review of research activities on welding metallurgy in Japan
Strategies for future development of welding metallurgy research
Technical sessions
1) Weld cracks & defects
2) Joint properties
3) Weld repair & maintenance
4) Welding & bonding of advanced materials
5) Advanced welding & bonding processes
6) Dissimilar welding & bonding
7) Modeling & simulation

Symposium on Welding Mechanics and Design

organized by Welding Mechanics and Design Committee
YearAttendeeMain ThemeChair
1991102-Y. Mukai
1993150Future Perspectives on Construction of Large Structure and Application of Composite MaterialM. Toyoda
1995115Construction / Composite Process Development and New Evaluation and Analysis TechniquesM. Zako
1997142Application of High Strength Steel and New Structural Material for Advanced Structures of New GenerationM. Zako
1999177Development of New Technology for "Manufacturing in 21st Century"F. Minami
2002183Innovation of Technology for Evironment-Friendly ManufacturingF. Minami
2004170Welding Structural Design Technology for InfrastructureE. Murakawa
2006190Sustainable Development and New Challenges for Innovative Welding Structural Design TechnologyE. Murakawa
2009200New Trends of Welding Structural Design Technology in Clean Energy MarketF. Minami
2011180Challenges for Innovative Manufacturing SystemK. Arimochi
2014163Welding Structural Design Technology for Science and Technology InnovationM. Mochizuki

Symposium on Joining Technologies in Advanced Automobile Assembly

organized by Joining & Materials Processing for Light Structures Committee
Increasing demand in automobile industries to reduce the weight of car body and machine parts for improving fuel consumption.
Light-weight technologies including materials, joining method, qualification of joints, process control technologies.
1st: 25 July, 2002(Participants : about 80)
2nd: 13-14 October, 2005 (Participants : about 100)
3rd: will be held in 2018

Symposium on Microjoining and Assembly Technology in Electronics (MATE)

organized by Micro Joining Committee
Promote manufacturing science and technologies in electronics industries by providing opportunities to discuss the state-of-the-art research and
Annually since 1995
over 500
100 (80 orals and 20 posters)