Research Promotion Board

Chair:Akio Hirose (Osaka University)

Ad-hoc Research Meeting:Prediction of Welding Distortion and Its Application to Actual Structures

ChairEiichi Murakawa (Osaka University)

Realize high quality assembly of weld structures with high productivity through physical/computational integration of welding/assembling technologies.

Main Activities
  • Methodologies for accurate prediction of welding distortion
  • Fast calculation technology with high accuracy

Ad-hoc Research Meeting:Advanced Analysis of Welding Phenomena

ChairHidenori Terasaki (Kumamoto University)
Vice-ChairYoshihisa Sechi (Kagoshima prefectural institute of industrial technology)

Serve as the "relay point" between members of Japan Welding Society for advanced analysis of welding phenomena

Main Activities
  • Analysis with synchrotron radiation and neutron
  • Seminar on advanced analysis method

Strategic Research Meeting:Dissimilar Materials Additive Manufacturing

ChairSoshu Kirihara (Osaka University)

Obtain knowledge of joining and welding phenomena in three-dimensional processing marked as additive manufacturing.

Main Activities
  • Additive manufacturing process of metals and ceramics with functional structures
  • Three-dimensional models designed by theoretical concepts for novel processing

Study Group:Interfacial Phenomena in Ultrasonic Welding of Aluminum Alloy

ChairHiromichi T. Fujii (Tohoku University)

Understand fundamental phenomena during ultrasonic welding of aluminum alloy.

Main Activities
  • Mechanism of ultrasonic welding with focus on recrystallization near weld interface, shear deformation of surface asperities, friction with ultrasonic vibration and atomic diffusion in high dislocation density
  • Analysis of interfacial phenomena